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IoT strategies for business growth

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Full service support for your IoT solutions Professional services for IoT

  • Discovery and plan Strategy and business planning with an IoT and technology roadmap.

  • Design Gather systems requirements and design an IoT architecture built for the user experience.

  • Develop and integrate Develop process and support models for end-to-end IoT platforms and provide configuration and testing.

  • Deliver and deploy Configure operation system, deploy assets, and provide an advanced exchange implement support program.

  • Operate and manage End-to-end operational support with SIM Management and training. Provide billing and reporting, regular health checks, and troubleshooting.

  • Secure Review security on IoT devices and applications, network and cloud, and operations.

IoT solutions for Supply Chain Cold chain logistics

  • Benefits Gain continuous visibility and monitoring of location and environmental status. Improve visibility, compliance, safety, and performance.

  • Manage expectations with:

  • Rule-based status alerts for chain-of-custody validation

  • Customized reports, BI analysis, performance tracking, analytics

  • Integrated shipping information

  • Better compliance Utilize IoT wireless gateways plus sensor-based tags to comply with pharma, bio, and food safety regulations (e.g. FSMA, HACCP, etc.) IoT Consulting Solutions designed to fit your needs

Consulting and Integration Take your vision from proof-of-concept to mass deployment and reap the benefits of IoT technology. AT&T provides consulting for your migrating to 4G, 5G guidance, and for your overall IoT strategy. View Supply Chain Gain continuous visibility and monitoring of location and environmental status. Improve visibility, compliance, safety, and performance. View Sports Venue Practice Sports venues are small cities. As teams invest in adjacent real estate, lines blue between venue, district, and municipality. We offer a team of sports industry veterans and technology advisors focused on the unique business needs of sports. View

IoT Consulting Key features

Features Details

Holistic approach Identify implementation and management requirements. Develop prioritized

use cases and scenarios that extract business value. Define streamlined device

logistics with customized, integrated solutions.

Security consulting Our unique value proposition includes a holistic approach to organize and

optimize the security initiatives across your business.

Innovation consulting Our network of innovation advisors can support your in-house resources or

augment leadership and staffing gaps.

Data consulting At the center of a robust IoT strategy is your data. Our data advisors focus on

making data useful through exclusive data partnerships that aid in

interpreting and forming actionable insights.

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